Philippine Medical/Dental Tourism

As the lyric of the song goes...” Should I stay or should I go...” and that goes into the minds of people who are a little bit apprehensive thinking of having their teeth done ( have a dental SMILE MAKEOVER ) in a strange land or at least first time to go a place such as the Philippines.

Dental/MedicaI tourism in the Philippines has been booming for the past 6 years now and only a few people know and realize that medical/dental Philippine tourism started way back during the time of the Marcos presidency and was started it all in Asia in the 1960’s. Many thanks to the efforts of the former first lady Imelda R. Marcos, top notch hospitals specializing in heart, kidney, lungs, eyes were being erected and operated by the best doctors the country can produce. The Heart Center of the Philippines, National Kidney Institute, Lung Center of the Philippines and The Philippine General Hospitals were all first in Asia to be set up so that people from around Asia, the world and of course Filipinos can enjoy first class medical treatment and care. 

The Philippines has been blessed by talented doctors, nurses etc and they are not only caring but also western trained and that is why Filipino Doctors/Dentist and nurses are sometimes being outsourced to other countries. Training and language (English Speaking) are just one of the assets of Filipino Doctors/Dentists. 

As a practicing Manila Cosmetic and Implant Dentist here in the Philippines, I have handled already plenty of foreign patients from Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Most of the reasons why they come to the Philippines for their dental treatment are proximity, convenience, pricing, professionalism and of course relaxation as the Philippines is one of the best places for that. These reasons are so true for Manila the capital of the Philippines, is strategically located right in the heart of South East Asia. Flights will only take you a few hours whether you are in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, parts of the USA and Canada. Pricing is one of the big factors considering having a single crown done in Australia would cost you AUS$ 750 -1,500 compared to AUS$ 175 if it will be done here in the Philippines. A fraction of the cost without compromising dental quality and professionalism. 

Have a vacation and stay at our wonderful beaches, resorts and hotels while having your teeth done at an affordable price and being looked after by the best dentist/dental service in Manila, Philippines.


SERVICE: Most often we ask ourselves, what’s the best place? The best time? The easiest way? One word always pops in our minds... the word “convenience”. The place should be conveniently located and easy to go to are one of the prime criterias. Looking for a dentist in manila should be conveniently located, easy to find and secured enough for safety concerns.

Convenience in communications at first the top of the list in service especially during the first communication whether thru email, phone calls etc. As a practicing Filipino Dentist in Caloocan/Kalookan City, Metro Manila, I always make sure I correspond with inquiries less than 24 hours after receiving an email etc.

SAFETY: Patient confidence in the dental practitioner thru my experience is very important. Health concern and sterility of the instruments and the clinic itself should be unquestionable and scores big from prospective patients. As a practicing manila dentist infection and contamination control are a must for safety and confidence of patients.

AFFORDABILITY: Affordability with quality dental services is a big concern also of prospective patients. Thru my experience costing especially customized dental treatment costing to maximize meeting the dental needs of patients are most of the times done in my clinic. Delivery of service as fast as possible without compromising dental quality and professionalism should be considered also by the patient looking for a practical professional dentist in Manila, Philippines. We always keep in mind and it is our mission to keep everything simple, honest, safe and practical for patients seeking our service.

PROFESSIONALISM: Last but not the least is the credibility, reputation, knowhow and experience of the professionals. Are they registered with the government? Their affiliations? We should not be impressed by how beautiful the website was done or the advertisements we see alone but you should also take inconsideration the experience and the wide service they can offer. Testimonies and referrals are good source of information about the dentist and the trainings and seminars that he or she has attended or finished.

Those are some important pointers on how to consider someone to be your dentist or should I say “friend dentist” because in the end honesty, care, practicality and service of your needs will be the deciding factors to consider and will give weight to finalizing your decision.



BEAUTIFUL SMILE 101: How to maintain a “Healthy Smile”

I emphasize Healthy Smile because to me a Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile. Oral hygiene maintenance to a lot of people means a lot of work, money and pain (dental treatment), but contrary to most belief it only takes a few minutes every day and a few dollars, pesos to maintain oral hygiene and get away with painful dental treatment with high costs. Brushing and flossing everyday is the cheapest way to maintain oral health and of course every six months visit to the dentist for a painless cleaning will maximize it. As a practicing manila cosmetic and implant dentist, through my experience whether you have a crooked teeth, their size and shape are uneven as long as they are healthy ( no cavities!) and you have healthy gums, you have more than enough reasons to smile and feel beautiful because “ HEALTHY IS BEAUTIFUL”.

Parents of my young patients often ask me when is the best time to take their child to the dentist. I always smile and I tell them “you are the first dentist of your child” by the time you see two teeth emerging from the front part of the lower jaw “that is the right time to see the dentist and you are the dentist”. Parents are the first to be responsible when it comes to maintaining their children’s’ teeth especially infants who cannot be managed yet by professional dentists. Proper brushing with tooth paste containing the right amount of fluoride for children should be used. Milk teeth should be maintained so as not to prematurely loose it before the permanent teeth erupts from 6 years onwards.